Personal Guidance Included

Engaging & Accessible

Interactive, Curated, Experiences

Social & Art Therapy

We are excited to begin work with research hospitals and universities to help guide clinical applications of Virtual Reality. Create interactive objects with friends, share with family, learn a new and valuable tool. Unique experiences that the user selects and can interact with.

Available for Individuals & Groups.

Hourly and weekly rates available. Recurring appointments recommended for ideal implementation of such a new and powerful technology. We help facilitate lasting skills while introducing new tools; therapeutic, enabling, engaging.

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Choose What to Do

A growing library of premium experiences, expertly curated. Recommendations, guidance & support all included with LearnVR facilitators. Travel applications, games, creativity, social connection, interactive music and more are all available with an ever-growing library.

Our residents thoroughly enjoy every minute that LearnVR is here. The experiences, even from spectators that are not yet ready to try VR, seem to uplift everyone with a lasting impact..

Toni R.Residential Supervisor