Immersive. Experiential.

Like the internet, which opened up the world to an expanding universe of knowledge, virtual reality delivers unparalleled learning opportunities. Experience virtual field trips, immersive lessons in space, visualize physics and math concepts, explore microbiological processes, and so much more with new consistent content released everyday.

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Foundational knowledge and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, plus more.

Art & Music

With new tools to express artistic urges, creating is easier than ever. Collaborate, share!


Advanced learning opportunities across fields of study like: biology, medicine, architecture, design.


Heart-rate up, routine created. Fun and interactive experiences that help users stay healthy while increasing coordination and quality of life.

Life Skills

Learn to cook, stay safe, clean, socialize, get around and more.

VR Field Trips

Travel to iconic settings throughout history and to modern cities across the world. Outer-space, underwater, Wonder of the World.