Some people like to focus on the task at hand, others would rather have their mind somewhere else as their body takes care of business. For the latter, there is Virtual Reality exercise in which there is a clear physical exertion without the mental exhaustion.


These are a few of the popular Virtual Reality exercise genres:


Boxing is a tried and true workout that’s been around forever. In virtual reality there is no physical content and no risk of injury but the full body movement is still there. Dodge, weave, jab, punch. Add extra resistance by attaching ankle or wrist weights!


Pump those arms and run like the wind. There is even some hardware that incorporates legs and allows you to run in place, or stationary bikes that take you to exotic lands.


Beat Saber is the prime example but there are multiple music games that challenge users to feel the music and interact with it in a way that engages brain and body at the same time. Get lost in the sounds while your body feels the groove.

Some users, who want that extra workout, will even attach weights to their wrists and or ankles! There are reports of people losing loads of weight too, and not too surprising especially if time is allotted for VR daily.